Effective December 31, 2017:  All Building Plans Submitted must comply with the Florida Building Code SIXTH Edition

Gearing up for FBC 6th Edition FBC changes to FLOOD Provisions.  Click Here to find more details on flood provision changes in new FBC 6th edition.

Emergency Permits due to Hurricane Irma

The Monroe County Mayor declared a State of Local Emergency on 9/5/17 and 9/12/17 due to Hurricane Irma. The State of Emergency specified a “threat of danger to the populace inhabiting Monroe County” and that the County “may require expedient action in order to protect the health, safety and welfare of the community.” Due to State of Emergency, certain work will be exempted from requiring a permit, to provide expedient action in order to protect the health, safety and welfare of this community. We are working to help restore your homes and businesses as quickly as possible to a safe condition. Our focus will be permitting to achieve safety.


Memorandum on Emergency Permits and Work Exempted from Permitting

Monroe County BOCC Resolution 291-2017:  Waiving Building Permit fees on 22 Types of Emergency Permits for 180 days 


Other Related Resource(s) for Hurricane Impacted permitting:
Floodplain Management information including Mobile Homes/Manufactured Units
FQA on Substantial Damage and other Floodplain related topics
Notice of Demolition or Asbestos Renovation

Permit Expiration - Related to Hurricane Irma

Executive Order(s) 17-235, 17-287, 17-330, 18-51


Governor Rick Scott issued Executive Order 17-235 extending permit expiration for 60 days.  Subsequently, he has also issued Executive Orders 17-287, 17-330 and 18-51, each extending permit expiration additional 60 days. Therefore, in Monroe County, all building permits active on Sept. 4, 2017 will receive a total of 240 days (60 days for each Executive Orders 17-235, 287, 330 and 18-51) related to Hurricane Irma.  No action on behalf of the permit holder is required.

For those permit holders that have already requested the six month extension these additional 60 days will be added to your extension without the need for you to contact County staff.


The building Department is responsible for administering and enforce all ordinances applicable to building, construction, blasting, and explosives as defined in the Monroe County Code.

Building officials are charged with administering and ensuring compliance with building codes.They issue building and construction permits and certificates of occupancy and supervise blasting within the county.


Inspectors are assigned to county offices in Marathon and Key Largo.At specified stages during building construction, the builder/contractor must request an inspection.Inspections are necessary before proceeding with construction and prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Building Department is to protect public health and safety, property, and the environment by providing an efficient, effective, and considerate permitting and code administration system, in accordance with the Monroe County Code and Florida statues that is consistent with and furthers the Monroe County Comprehensive Plan.