Special Magistrate

All code cases in Monroe County are heard by a Special Magistrate. The Special Magistrate has the authority to subpoena witnesses and records, order rulings on violations, assess fines and order liens to be placed upon property. 

Property owners cited by code compliance are given a reasonable amount of time to bring their property into compliance before the case is referred to the Speical Magistrate. 

Monroe County Special Magistrate Rules of Procedure

The Monroe County Code Compliance Special Magistrate, in Section 8-30 shall have the power to adopt rules for the conduct of hearings. To read more: Rules Of Procedure.


65 - Code Compliance Special Magistrate Hearing on Illegal Vacation Rental-Lr

Notice of Appearance for Attorneys Only 

Duplication Request Form

Duplication requests for Special Magistrate Hearings on DVD format should be submitted here. Access to all meeting or hearings are available at Monroe County Television’s Video on Demand.


Agendas are available prior to meetings.