Planning Commission

Florida Statutes Section 163.3174 authorizes the governing body of a county to create a Local Planning Agency. The Monroe County Planning Commission was established in 1986, in concurrence with the adoption of the Land Development Regulations (BOCC Ordinance 033-1986).

The Planning Commission is defined in Monroe County Code Section 102-20. The powers and duties of the Planning Commission are stated in Monroe County Code Section 102-20(b)(1-10).

The Planning Commission consists of five members. One appointment is made by each member of the Board of County Commissioners. Members shall serve at the pleasure of the Board of County Commissioners. All appointments shall terminate upon replacement by a County Commissioner with another person appointed and approved by the County Commission. 

Confirmation of existing appointments or nominations for new appointments by all County Commissioners elected in the fall of each election year shall be made by those Commissioners at or before the regular monthly meeting of the Board of County Commissioners in February of each year following an election year. If such ratification or appointment does not take place, the respective planning commission seat will be deemed vacant. 

Appointment terms shall be from the date of appointment until replaced or terminated.

Next Scheduled Planning Commission Hearing



*Please refer to the Rules of Procedure as to the requirements of timely submissions.

ADA Assistance

If you are a person with a disability who needs special accommodations in order to participate in meeting proceedings, please contact the County Administrator’s Office, by phoning 305-292-4441, between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m., no later than five (5) calendar days prior to the scheduled meeting; if you are hearing or voice impaired, call "711."


Ron Demes, Vice Chair12/2025
Joe Scarpelli, Chair
George Neugent32/2025
Rosemary Thomas411/2026
David Ritz512/2025
Douglas Pryor,
 Ex-officio, non-voting
Monroe County School District
Christina Gardner,
Ex-officio, non-voting
Community Planning and Liaison Officer (NAS Key West)