Canal Restoration

Canal Restoration

To find out which canal you are on, please do the following steps:

1. Download the free Google Earth software. 

2. Open this document once Google Earth is downloaded on your computer. Double click on the downloaded file "Monroe_County_Residential_Canals.kmz" which will automatically open in Google Earth. 

3. Put your address in the search toolbar on the top left of the program and click search. Click on the feature that is surrounding your canal and a box will pop up with the associated canal name, depth, ranking, etc.

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The new plan ranks 96 canals in unincorporated Monroe County with poor or fair water quality ratings that do not meet minimum state standards for water quality. Governor Desantis’ office proposed the work program to help provide accountability in implementing canal restoration projects.  The newly adopted Administration Commission Rule 28-20.140, F.A.C., amends the County Comprehensive Plan to include a 10-year Canal Restoration Implementation work program. Like other tasks in the County’s work program, lack of progress on the new canal restoration tasks will reduce 20 percent of the County’s Rate of Growth Ordinance (ROGO) allocations.

The County is under a deadline to formalize the canal selection and ranking criteria by June of this year to include it in the County’s update to the State. The selection criteria may be modified as more canal information becomes available. The selection criteria include various environmental factors such as the amount of dissolved oxygen in canals, nutrient accumulation, depth of canals, connectivity to nearshore waters, and the number of parcels along the canal. It also uses a second set of financial criteria to rank canals to take the best advantage of the County’s limited financial resources.  

Canal remediation techniques include organic removal, backfilling, culverts, weed gates, and gravity-fed injection wells to improve dissolved oxygen and the overall water quality of the canals. The technologies were tested in several pilot projects within the County, Marathon, and Islamorada. 

The Monroe County BOCC approved a series of canal restoration demonstration projects. The results will be used to further define restoration costs and for information in future grant applications to state and federal sources.

The Canal Advisory Committee meetings are noticed in the Florida Administrative Register (FAR).