HURRICANE Placard BUSINESS Reentry Program

Monroe County-based businesses or organizations willing to provide services essential to the recovery of the Florida Keys may apply for inclusion through the Hurricane Placard Business Reentry Program. 

The Hurricane Placard Business Reentry Program is available to essential employees directly supporting your business. This does not include the friends and family of those workers. Entering the County using your placards grants access to an area under STATE OF EMERGENCY that has NOT been deemed safe. Basic life support resources may not be available in the aftermath of a major event, your employees will have to be self-sufficient for a period of 14 days. Services provided to survivors, such as shelters and food distribution, will NOT be available to them.

The placard program enrollment period for the 2021 hurricane season is March 1st through May 28th, 2021. NO exceptions after May 28 close of business. Placard request period is NOW CLOSED.

 What you need to know before you apply:

  • A copy of your current Monroe County Business License must be uploaded with your application.
  • All questions must be answered in full prior to form submission.
  • If a question does not apply, enter N/A.
  • Applications that do not provide complete information and/or provide false/misleading information will be denied and may be banned from future consideration in the Placard Program.

Properly completed submitted applications will be reviewed and processed by Emergency Management within 21 working days. Those requiring further information will be delayed.

  1. IF APPROVED: You will receive an email with instructions on how to get your placards. 
  2. IF NOT APPROVED: You will receive an email that will include the reason the application was not approved. There will also be an opportunity to address the issues and resubmit the application.

Monroe Emergency Reserve Corps (MERC)

Residents who wish to go through Monroe County’s Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) and become part of the volunteer Monroe Emergency Reserve Corps can also obtain early reentry placards. 

Reentry Task Force

  1. Alary Luttazi

    Executive Assistant
    Phone: 305-289-6018

  2. Emergency Management

    Physical Address
    490 63rd St. (Ocean)
    Suite 150
    Marathon, FL 33050

    Phone: 305-289-6018
    Fax: 305-289-6333