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Posted on: March 24, 2020


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The Emergency Directive 20-02 (Tourist Ban) Enforcement Protocol was collaboratively developed by Monroe County and the five municipalities with input from the Tax Collector, the Sheriff, and the State Attorney. Law enforcement officers are not prevented from taking steps to enforce Emergency Directive 20-02 if, in the officer’s discretion, immediate action is warranted.


  1. Complaints: call 1-855-422-4540, the Tax Collector’s hotline.
  2. Tax Collector will reach out to account holders and warn against renting during this State of Emergency and will warn those without accounts of consequences of renting without an account. 
  3. Tax Collector staff will refer complaints, as they come in, to the Code Compliance department within the jurisdiction for the property’s location. 
  4. The local Code Compliance Department will reach out to complainants to investigate. Code will advise owners, managers, and/or renters of the ban and consequences of non-compliance.  
  5. If Code Compliance does not obtain voluntarily compliance, Code will refer case to primary law enforcement agency for their jurisdiction. The State Attorney’s Office investigative division will also help with law enforcement responses. 
  6. Law enforcement will take code’s investigative information and initiate contact with violator(s) (owner, manager, and/or renter).  If probable cause to believe there is a violation of Emergency Directive 20-02, law enforcement officer will issue a notice to appear (NTA) for violating an emergency directive issued during a state of emergency in violation of F.S. 252.50, a misdemeanor. 
  7. SAO will prosecute violations in County Court.