Building Department



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 Marathon Office: Marathon Government Center
2798 Overseas Highway, Suite 300
 Marathon, FL  33050
Phone:   305-289-2501
 Fax:       305-289-2515
 Key Largo Office: Murray Nelson Government & Cultural Center 
102050 Overseas Highway
Key Largo, FL  33037
 Phone:   305-453-8800
 Fax:       305-453-8818
Big Pine Key Office:
(Library Branch)

213 Key Deer Blvd
Big Pine Key, FL 33043

Phone Number: 305-289-6310
 Ocean Reef Office:11601 CR 905
 Key Largo, FL  33037
 Phone:   305-453-8765
 Stock Island Office:5503 College Road, Suite 204
Key West, FL  33040
 Phone:   305-295-3990
 Fax:       305-295-3994

Name Title Email Phone
Griffin, Rick Building Official 305-289-2521
Yzenas, Michelle Executive Assistant 305-289-2556
Ortiz, Reynaldo Assistant Building Official 305-453-8814
Koconis, Ed Administrative Director - Permitting 305-453-8727
Acker, Scott Plans Examiner 305-289-2587
Albright, Bradley Building Inspector/Plans Examiner 305-453-8721
Arsenault, Clint Chief of Building Operations 305-453-8720
Grant, Susan Plans Examiner 305-453-8763
Gross, Jamie Coordinator-Licensing 305-289-2564
Johnson, Teresa Administrative Assistant 3 305-289-2866
Kasprzak, Adam Electrical Inspector II/Plans Examiner 305-453-8800
Manning, Michaela Sr. Coordinator-Permitting 305-289-2535
McGilvra, Lisa Sr. Coordinator-Permitting 305-453-8802
Mueller, Edward Building Inspector II/Plans Examiner 305-289-2585
Partington, Maria Sr. Coordinator-Contractors Examining Board 305-289-2583
Peel, Jr., Douglas Unlicensed Contractor Code Investigator 305-453-8753
Pleasant-Gonzalez, Karen Sr. Application Administrator 305-453-8736
Ramirez, Jesus Plumbing & Mechanical Inspector/Plans Examiner II 305-453-8722
Sebben, Crystal Administrator Permitting 305-453-8762
Sellers, Corey Chief of Building Operations 305-289-2549
Shady, James Chief of Building Operations 305-292-4498
Sullivan, Steve Building Inspector II/Plans Examiner 305-453-8724
Thompson, John Building Inspector II/Plans Examiner 305-289-2571
Thompson, LaChelle Unlicensed Contractor/Code Inv 305-289-2516
Williams, Alison Sr. Coordinator Records 305-453-8816
Winterfield, Troy Building Inspector/Plans Examiner 305-292-4491

Ocean Reef Office 

11601 CR 905
Key Largo, FL 33037

Key West, FL 33040


Name Title Email Phone
Chen, Jeffrey Customer Service Rep II 305-453-8812

Key Largo Office 

Murray Nelson Government & Cultural Center
102050 Overseas Hwy.
Key Largo, FL 33037


Name Title Email Phone
Kozash, Nicole Customer Service Rep I 305-453-8760
Chamizo, Lian Customer Service Rep I 305-453-8803
Lopez, Sara Customer Service Rep II 305-453-8800
McClurg, Shannon Customer Service Rep I 305-453-8800

Marathon Office 

2798 Overseas Hwy.
Suite 300
Marathon, FL 33050



Name Title Email Phone
Antetomaso, Jan Customer Service Rep II 305-289-2546
DePastino, Daniel Customer Service Rep I 305-289-2534
Fausett, Shelly Customer Service Rep I 305-289-2877
McKinney, Jessica Customer Service Rep I 305-289-2559
Pettry, Shantal Customer Service Rep I 305-289-2868

Big Pine Key Satellite Office 

Big Pine Key Library Branch
213 Key Deer Blvd.
Big Pine Key, FL 33043

Key West, FL 33040


Name Title Email Phone
Nodal, Erika Customer Service Rep II 305-289-2877

Stock Island Office 

5503 College Road
Suite 203
Key West, FL 33040


Monday through Friday
8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Name Title Email Phone
Ramirez, Elba Customer Service Rep II 305-295-3993
Bender, Dawn Customer Service Rep II 305-295-3992
Cardenas, Doriley Customer Service Rep I 305-295-3193
Malcosky, Angelica Customer Service Rep I 305-295-3180

Monroe County Floodplain Management 

Marathon Government Center
Murray Nelson Gov't Center


City of Marathon
9805 Overseas Highway, Marathon

City of Key West
Building Department; E-mail:
Web: www.CityofKeyWest-FL.Gov/flood
1300 White Street, Key West

Islamorada, Village of Islands
86800 Overseas Hwy., Islamorada

City of Key Colony Beach
600 Ocean Drive
305-289-1212 ext. 3

City of Layton
68280 Overseas Highway, Long Key

Name Title Email Phone
Bursa, Karl Senior Floodplain Administrator 305-453-8759
Gonzalez, Yaima Senior Floodplain Coordinator 305-289-2567
Edwards, Chris Senior Floodplain Coordinator 305-453-8729
Fraser, Scott Senior Floodplain Coordinator 305-292-4490