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RLAA - Public Input Questionnaire

  1. Your responses to the questions below will help the County identify and offer flood damage reduction activities for individual homeowners. It is very important that you answer as many questions as possible, and that you provide specific details where possible. The more complete picture we have of past flooding events and their consequences, the better range of mitigation opportunities we can provide. Each questionnaire submitted plays an important part in building a more resilient and informed Monroe County. This questionnaire is also a critical step toward helping the County achieve its goal of obtaining a Community Rating System (CRS) Class 4, which will result in a 30% savings on National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) policies issued in the flood zone (AE or VE-zones); smaller discounts are available for policies covering structures outside of the floodplain. We also encourage you to utilize the comments section to share your thoughts and opinions on the RLAA, flooding risks, and flood insurance maps in Monroe County in general. Thank you again for your support in this process, and please do not hesitate to contact the County Floodplain Program with any questions or concerns.

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