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Supporting Documents
Monroe County Resolutions AHAC Resolutions

Monroe County Resolutions

·        Res 158-2008 (Membership appointments)

·        Res 062-2009 (Committee membership)

·         Res 375-2012 (SHIP Partnering program)

·         Res 139-2015 (Expanding Committee duties)

·         Res 189-2015 (Added duty/qualify and monitor deed restricted affordable housing)
Res 393-2015 (Collaboration with Cities on affordable housing)


Monroe County Ordinances

·         Ord 014-2008 (establishing Workforce Housing Task Force)

·        Ord 014-2015 (expanding committee membership)


Florida Statute

·         Florida Statute 420.9076


Monroe County Land Development Code

·         Monroe County Code Section 2-700 (Affordable Housing Advisory Committee)

     Monroe County Land Development Code Sec. 130-161. (Affordable and employee housing; administration)

·         Monroe County Land Development Code Sec. 101-1. – Definitions


Needs Analysis

·         2015 Monroe County Workforce Housing stakeholder Assessment Report (Robert Jones/FSU)

·         Monroe County Affordable Workforce Housing 2007

·         South Florida Workforce Housing Needs Assessment 2008 (Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach Counties)

·         Florida Housing / Affordable Housing Study Commission

·         Florida Housing Coalition

·         Florida Housing Data Clearinghouse

·         Monroe County Needs Assessment (Florida Housing Data Clearing house)

·         Assisted Rental Housing Report 2009

·         Monroe County Housing Assessment Power Point

·         Monroe County Affordable Housing Needs Assessment: Rodel Fdn

·         Monroe County comprehensive Plan Update: Housing 2011

·         Monroe County Comprehensive Plan: chapter 4 2012



·         When and How Should Cities Implement Inclusionary Housing Policies? 2015

·         APA Research – Inclusionary Housing

·         Demystifying Financial Feasibility

·         Cities Implement Inclusionary 2015-APA2

      ·         Calif Supreme Court Upholds Inclusionary

Funding Mechanisms

·         Sadowski Trust Fund (State dedicated documentary stamp tax funding source for affordable housing)

·         Sadowski Housing Coalition (nonpartisan coalition of housing related organizations)

·        Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program

·         Tourist Impact Tax

·         Monroe County Land Authority

·         Demystifying Financial Feasibility for Inclusionary Housing 2015 Power Point



·         A Risk Assessment Method for Preservation of Assisted Rental Housing 2008

·         The State of Florida’s Assisted Rental Housing 2009

·         Guide to Developing and Operating Small Scale Rental Properties 2012

·         2013 Rental Market Study: Affordable Housing Needs

·         Florida’s Affordable Rental Housing Needs:  An Update


Governing Bodies / Municipalities

·        HUD in Florida

·         Monroe County Housing Authority

·        Islamorada Workforce Housing Support Study 2007

·         City of Marathon Workforce/Affordable Housing Assessment & Action Study

·         Key West Affordable Housing Needs Solutions 2014

·         The National Citizen Survey / Key West 2015

·         When and How Should Cities Implement Inclusionary Housing Policies? 2015
Key West Affordable Housing Resolution 2015(Collaboration with Monroe County)
Poinciana Workforce Housing Analysis
Truman Waterfront Workforce Housing Initiative
Islamorada Affordable Housing Standards


Income Limits, Management and Monitoring

·         2015 Affordable Income Limits and Rates

·         Community Development Corp of Utah Enforcement Plan 2011

·         Florida Housing Finance Corporation Compliance Guidebook April 2003 and August 2009

·         Guide to Operating Small Scale Rental Prop 2012

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