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Vessel Pump-Out Services

Pumpout USA: (305) 900-0263

Vessel Pump-out Services:

PRESS RELEASE  On Pump Out Service

Press Release on 1 Millionth Gallon Pumped

The County has contracted with Pumpout USA to provide pump-outs to recreational vessels anchored throughout the waters of the Florida Keys within unincorporated Monroe County. Boaters can call (305) 900-0263 to schedule a pump-out or register online for routine pump-out service from Pumpout USA at Boaters utilizing the routine service will be provided with a sticker to be displayed on the vessel indicating participation in the pump-out program and an orange flag to be flown when in need of a pump-out.

 Other Pump-out Services:

In addition there are more than 30 other pump-out facilities, including both mobile and land based operations, located throughout the Keys.

Monroe County
1100 Simonton Street
Key West FL, 33040