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Evacuation Sign


Monroe County’s comprehensive Emergency Plan calls for a “Phased Evacuation”.  This evacuation plan is intended to avoid unnecessary evacuation if some zones are expected to be affected and others are not.  Locate the zone you live in so that you will know when to leave if an evacuation for your zone becomes necessary.

Evacuation Routes
Zone 1: MM 0 to MM 6
Zone 2: MM 6 to MM 40
Zone 3: MM 40 to MM 63
Zone 4: MM 63 to 3-way stop at CR 905-A
Zone 5: CR 905-A to mainland Monroe County including   Ocean Reef


Evacuation Underway
  • Map your route
    • Do not get on the road without a chosen destination
    • Fill your car with gas
  • Evacuate if told to do so
    • Do not get stranded EVACUATE EARLY
  • Enact your pet plan
  • Bring your disaster supply kit & important documents
  • Secure your home before leaving
    • Install your shutters
    • Board up windows
    • Anchor loose yard objects or bring them inside
    • lock your doors
  • Get cash to have on hand

Monroe Shelter Sign

Monroe County Shelters WILL NOT OPEN in a Category 3, 4, or 5 Hurricane, you will need to evacuate to the mainland out-of-county shelter at the Florida  International University (FIU).

Monroe County residents seeking public shelter in Miami-Dade County should take the Florida Turnpike Extension from Florida City to Florida International University (FIU) at the US 41 SW 8th Street in Miami.  Follow the ‘ Monroe County Shelter’  Signs.   This is the officially designated location to provide shelter for Monroe County residents.  Do not report to other Dade County shelters as they may not be open.  Caretakers of properly caged and documented pets will be directed, upon their arrival, to the appropriate sheltering location.

Monroe County
1100 Simonton Street
Key West FL, 33040