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Human Services Advisory Board
About HSAB

The Human Services Advisory Board (HSAB) is charged with reviewing funding requests from non-profit, human service organizations. Each year, the HSAB meets in February to open the funding cycle and again in May to discuss and review all funding applications and finalize its funding recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners.

The HSAB prioritizes funding for organizations that (1) use HSAB funds to leverage outside funding; (2) do not duplicate existing services; (3) demonstrate need tor services; and (4) demonstrate sound financial management.

The Human Services Advisory Board places applicant organizations into one of three categories, and uses weighted percentages assigned to each category as a guideline to assist in making its funding recommendations:

  • Medical Services, 65%: medical, mental, and dental care for economically disadvantaged.
  • Core Social Services, 30%: essential services such as food, clothing, or housing; emergency disaster relief; family violence issues; adult and child daycare; end-of-life support for the disadvantaged.
  • Quality of Life Improvement Services, 5%: services created to improve the quality of life for individuals or community: educational, preventative, training, recreational and cultural services, etc.

As of FY12, the application of these weighted percentages was suspended for two years, per HSAB Working Group recommendations.

HSAB Funding History from Fiscal Year 2007 through 2011 

HSAB Funding History 2007-2011

HSAB Fiscal Year Information

Fiscal Year 2011 HSAB Information

Fiscal Year 2012 HSAB Information

Fiscal Year 2013 HSAB Information

HSAB Fiscal Year 2012 Clerk's Audit

Audit Report of Monroe County Human Services Advisory Board Grants and Grant Policy and Procedures

Steps Taken to Address the Audit - July 2012

County Timeline for HSAB Grant Cycle

  • HSAB meeting and establish application due date.
  • Notice of Funding Availability and Applications are made available.
  • Applications are due.
  • HSAB Funding Recommendation Meeting - Application presentations, questions and answers, and funding recommendations finalized.
  • Funding recommendations approved by the BOCC as a part of the budget approval process.
  • BOCC approval of contracts for new fiscal year.

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