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Florida Keys Stewardship Act (2015/2016):

October 5, 2015 Update to Florida Keys Stewardship Bill:

August 5, 2015: Rep. Raschein held a Keys-wide multi-jurisdictional workshop at the Marathon Government Center to discuss the draft bill. The draft bill was broadly circulated for all entities and changes to the language were invited, and incorporated.

September 15, 2015: Rep. Raschein led a Keys-wide meeting/conference call with all principals and lobbyists to devise a legislative strategy to advance the bill for the upcoming session.

The new legislation is a comprehensive environmental stewardship bill, the “Florida Keys Stewardship Act” that will be sponsored by Representative Holly Raschein, that will expand the current Mayfield authorization (and the $100M remaining in that authorization) to more comprehensively support and advance the legislative requirements and intent of the Florida Keys Protection Act designating the Florida Keys as an Area of Critical Concern, through the following:
  • A 10-year annual appropriation of $20M to help address water quality issues including wastewater treatment implementation, storm water implementation, restoration of poor water quality canals and water supply issues.
  • A 10-year annual appropriation of $5M in Florida Forever funding to help address the acquisition of vacant parcels for the purposes of protecting critical habitat, public safety, and property rights.
This year’s bill seeks a 10 year authorization for a total authorization amount of $250M. This is a change from last’s year’s bill which sought a 20 year authorization. The change is being made per recommendations by our legislative team that a 10 year period is more consistent with State’s other environmental funding programs (like springs, P2000, FF extension, etc.) and will make the legislation less difficult to advance. The intention is that we will seek an extension for an additional 10 years, once we have a firm place in the State’s environmental legislation, and are managing a successful program with the annual allocations being received.

Rep. Raschein is leading and coordinating legislative process and stakeholder input.

FKES Bill Information August 2015:

Rep. Raschein held a Keys-wide multi-jurisdictional workshop in Marathon on August 5, 2015 to discuss advancing a new piece of legislation for the 2016 State Legislative Session.

The new legislation will be a stand-alone, comprehensive environmental stewardship bill specifically for the Florida Keys -- “Florida Keys Environmental Stewardship Act.”

The bill will highlight:
The importance of our land acquisition needs for conservation and to prevent takings issues (which would be managed and purchased by Florida Department of Environmental Protection under Florida Forever based on how the bill is drafted), and The remaining water quality improvement projects we need to complete (wastewater, storm water, and canal restoration) to improve our water resources.
The primary purpose of the bill is to establish a dedicated annual amount of funding from new Amendment 1 funds via Everglades bonding or appropriation and through Florida Forever specifically for the Florida Keys to address our land acquisition and water quality needs. The draft of the “FKES” bill is attached.

The amount of the authorization will depend upon what our total need is County wide, including cities and how much we can reasonably spend in a year. The amount of the dedicated funding may approximate $500M in total, with an annual appropriation of $25M a year for 20 years, but this amount will ultimately be determined by the Representative, in consultation with the County, the municipalities, and State lawmakers.

Rep. Raschein will determine next steps and the schedule; these will include continued coordination with the County and municipalities, submitting proposed legislation to bill drafting, consulting with leadership, and a final draft prepared before legislative deadline.

Monroe County Legislative Program:

Florida Keys Environmental Stewardship Bill (2014/2015):

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