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FWC Funded Projects
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) Florida Boating Improvement Program (FBIP) provides funding through a competitive grant process for boating access projects and other boating-related activities within the State of Florida.  The Monroe County Office of Marine Resources has been chosen as a grant recipient of this funding for local projects that meet the eligibility criteria.  Each funded project below represents an improvement in recreational boating access and safety as well as other benefits to the local boating community.  In addition, the financial assistance provided by this FWC FBIP grant allows Monroe County to augment Boating Improvement Funds for other important waterway management needs.

 Recently funded projects include:

 Fiscal Year 2016-2017:
 vessel 2_p1.jpg  Derelict Vessel Removal
 pic4.JPG  Marker Replacements
 Fiscal Year 2015-2016:
 Derelict Vessel Removal  Derelict Vessel Removal
 Fiscal Year 2014-2015:
 buoy pic.jpg  Regulatory Buoy Replacement at Whale Harbor Sandbar
 DV pic.jpg  Derelict Vessel and Floating Structure Removal

For more information  check out the FWC FBIP website 

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