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Researching Tips for Tier, FLUM and Zoning Information

On the Monroe County website home page ( 

Put cursor over word “Departments” so a drop down box appears. 

Move cursor to Planning & Environmental Resources (do not click) another drop down box will appear, move cursor to GIS box, another drop down box will appear – click on GIS WEB Application ( Bookmark page for future use.

When a map appears, look under heading for “Find RE Number” or “Find AK Number” and click appropriate box.  Enter number (RE Number format: 00000000-000000; AK Number format: 0000000) and click “Find.” 


On the left side of page in box labelled RESULTS, the RE number will appear in bold type with a checkmark in front. 

Below the RE number will be the word “Parcels”, under Parcels should be the RE number right click on this number. 

A small drop down box appears with “Zoom to” “Pan to” or “Remove” -- click “Zoom to.”  A map will appear with the property highlighted (usually blue). 


Below the RESULTS box is a box labelled MAP CONTENTS.  This box contains several options. 

TIER:  Click box for Tier Overlay District (map will show color), then click plus sign (+) in front of checkmark box.  Click Tier Labels checkmark box for Tier number to appear on the map.

FEMA: Click plus sign (+) to turn on the Flood hazard zone lines and Flood hazard zone text.

FLUM:  Click on Future Land Use Map (FLUM) box for FLUM designations.  Click plus sign (+) for the color-coded FLUM designations appear.

ZONING:  Click Zoning box, map will show 1 to 3 letter code.  Click plus sign (+) for the color-coded Zoning designations appear.



Go to the Municode website for Land Development Regulations and Code Ordinances.  Under Code Library, select Florida, then select Monroe County.  On next webpage, select either Code of Ordinances or Land Development Code.  Search box is in upper right corner.

Links to information typically requested:

The County’s Comprehensive Plan and the land uses listed by Future Land Use Designation

Monroe County Land Development Regulations

Permitted uses by Zoning district

Density and intensity standards by Zoning district

Setback requirements by Zoning district

Shoreline setback requirements

Monroe County Planning & Environmental Resources Department Forms and Applications

Information on ROGO/NROGO schedule and results

If you have further questions, please contact the Monroe County Planning & Environmental Resources Department at (305) 289-2500. 

Note: You can search the Property Appraiser’s webpage with a property address or name to obtain the “RE number” or “AK number” to use in the GIS WEB Application

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