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Floodplain Management

Mary Wingate

Jennifer Ballard 

Property Inquiries
Monroe County encourages inquiries from lenders, real estate representatives, insurance agents, and property owners to request flood information before buying or selling land in the county. All of Monroe County is identified as a coastal floodplain and may be subject to flooding.

Structures Below Base Flood Elevation
Monroe County enforces Monroe County Code Chapter 122 - Floodplain Management. Structures built after December 31, 1974, must have the lowest floor elevated to or above the base flood elevation. The owner or purchaser of a structure with habitable space below the base flood elevation may be faced with significant unforeseen expenses.

Legally permitted enclosures below the base flood elevation are for limited storage and parking only. Limited storage means storage of lawn mowers, rakes, wheelbarrows, and similar pieces of equipment that are normally stored outside. Limited storage does not apply to household furnishings, workbenches, freezers, refrigerators, or other items subject to damage if exposed to salt water. If you are purchasing a home with a finished enclosure below the base flood elevation, it may not be permitted construction and may be subject to enforcement proceedings.

National Flood Insurance Program
Monroe County is participating in the National Flood Insurance Program's (NFIP) flood inspection procedure. The process began in March of 2002. All structures that have opaque wall enclosures below base flood elevation that are insured under the NFIP are subject to this inspection process. Inspections began with the most current enclosures and will work back to the effective date of Monroe County’s participation in the NFIP, which was January 1, 1975.

For More Information
Contact the Monroe County floodplain management office staff listed above for the latest information regarding the insurance inspection program, flood elevations, restrictions on development, and the permitting requirements for construction below base flood elevation.

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