MPOOP Marina Pumpout Program

Monroe County Marina Pump-Out Outfitting Program (MPOOP)

There are nearly 500 marine facilities throughout the Florida Keys with hundreds of liveaboard vessels at these locations. However, less than 30 percent of these facilities have pump-out equipment available. Monroe County has adopted policies to increase the availability of pump-out facilities in order to reduce pollutant discharges to protect our nearshore waters.

In addition, Monroe County code requires facilities in unincorporated areas with 10 or more slips, or with at least one (1) liveaboard slip, to have a fixed pump-out system provided to their boaters. In addition, the code requires existing marinas provide pump-out equipment to boaters within 12 months of receiving notice from the County.

Facilities located in incorporated areas of Monroe County are also required to meet certain pumpout regulations. For more information on these municipal codes, please visit the following links: 

To help with this effort, Monroe County has created the Marina Pump-Out Outfitting Program (MPOOP) to provide educational and technical guidance on funding opportunities and permitting of pump-out systems for marinas. The MPOOP program provides existing marina owners and operators an opportunity to move forward in a proactive way to protect our nearshore water quality prior to the County's formal implementation of this requirement.

Pump-Out Systems

There are two types of pump-out systems that meet Monroe County requirements. Both are "fixed" and are known as stationary or plumbed systems.

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  1. Plumbed, or centralized, system - this system consists of a land-based pump station with suction plumbing located along the dock. If your facility has numerous liveaboard boaters, this type of system is the most effective way to collect waste because the vessel does not need to be moved from the slip to a stationary location.  
  2. Stationary pump-out station - this system is one of the simplest and least expensive systems to install. It is often conveniently located near fuel or water sources where boaters access the station by docking next to it. This type of system is most appropriate for non-liveaboard facilities and/or facilities that serve transient vessels or commercial operators. 

NOT ELIGIBLE: Portable pump-out equipment including pump-out vessels and portable collection tanks (i.e. mobile carts) do not meet County requirements.


All marinas, regardless of size, must provide signage educating boaters about pumping out waste.

Financial Assistance 

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has a reimbursement-based grant program to help fund pump-out projects. The Clean Vessel Act (CVA) Grant Program can fund up to 75 percent of eligible project costs relating to: 

  • site preparation
  • permitting
  • equipment purchase
  • installation
  • operations
  • maintenance
  • sewage hauling
  • educational outreach (i.e. signage)

The CVA grant office accepts applications year-round, and grants are funded on a first-come, first-serve basis.

If you choose to seek CVA funding assistance, you are encouraged to first contact the CVA grant program to discuss your project. Each project is unique, and CVA staff can help you navigate your funding request. While completing the CVA grant process, marina owners can also apply for the required permitting as outlined below. 


There are two permits necessary to install a pump-out system within Monroe County.

The first permit is a Sewage Collection and Transmission Permit from the Florida DEP. This permit ensures the effluent can be safely collected and processed by the receiving treatment plant. This permit application must include plan details and be certified by a Professional Engineer registered in Florida. The current application fees range from $250-500 depending on your project plans, which is reimbursable by the DEP CVA grant program. There are two types of permits issued: a General permit or an Individual permit, which also depends on your project plans. (NOTE: if your facility is not connected to central sewer, you may need an on-site performance-based treatment system and additional permitting through the Florida Department of Health.)

The second permit is a plumbing permit from the Monroe County Building Department. Permitting fees vary based on your project valuation, which is reimbursable by the DEP CVA grant program. 

Important items to include in your Monroe County application are:

  • DEP permit
  • Engineered drawings and a site plan
  • Plumbing and electric diagrams
  • Specifications from the pump-out manufacturer

Sample Permits

For your reference, the Marine Resources Office has compiled sample pump-out projects that have been successfully completed in Monroe County including copies of permit applications, project drawings and other helpful resources below. 

Stationary System - Pilot House Marina

Plumbed System - Ocean Reef

Plumbed System - Key West Harbor Yacht Club

Plumbed System - Angler House Marina

Contact Information

A list of engineers, contractors, and pump-out manufacturers who have installed pump-out systems within Monroe County is provided below for your convenience.*

*NOTE: There may be other design professionals, contractors, or pump-out manufacturers capable of providing pump-out services within Monroe County that are not on this list. If you are a design professional, contractor, or pump-out manufacturer and wish to be added to this list, please contact

Design Professionals

Design Professionals Phone Website/Email Location
Rick Milelli, Meridian Engineering 305-293-3263 Key West
Pablo Garcia  305-525-0611 Not Listed Key Largo
Reeb Engineering & Design 239-389-0078 Marco Island
Daryle Osborne, Keys Engineering Services 305-852-0262 Tavernier
Weiler Engineering 305-289-4161 Marathon
Allen Perez, Perez Engineering

305-293-9440 Not Listed


Contractor Phone Website/Email Location
Bellingham Marine 904-358-3362 Fort Lauderdale
Gary’s Plumbing & Fire 305-296-6013 Key West
Gibus Plumbing Enterprises 305-852-8154 Not Listed Key Largo
Horizon Plumbing & Mechanical Contractors 305-592-6389 Not Listed Miami
Marino Construction Group 305-359-5269 Key West
Mike Haack Excavating 305-872-8945 Big Pine Key
Page Excavating 305-481-4898 Not Listed Tavernier

Pump-Out System Manufacturers

Manufacturer Phone Website Email
Edson International 508-995-9711
EMP Industries 800-355-7867
Keco Pump & Equipment 800-900-7867