General Building Permit Information

Monroe County offices are closed to the public until at least April 6 and will be reviewed continually. All essential services, like solid waste, social services, animal control, and emergency management, will continue to operate. County staff directory can be found at

County Building Department 

Monroe County Building Department (the Department) is closed for permitting, plan review and inspections until April 6, 2020 with extensions as needed. THIS INFORMATION MAY CHANGE AT ANY TIME. During this time, no building permit applications will be processed in any capacity, which includes issuance, revisions, updates, and corrections. In addition, the Department will not be conducting plan reviews or inspections during this time frame. 

In order to offer the ability for existing permitted work to continue we have three alternatives available:


The Building Official hereby requests that Professional Florida Engineers and Architects provide inspection services only for job sites with active existing permits for purposes of satisfying F.S. 471.045 and 481.222, if owners chose this option. Private Providers may also offer inspection services as defined below if owners chose this option.

In order to accommodate our customers and their intentions to safely proceed with inspections during this time. The following options are available for active building permits: Inspections may be resumed by the Department once normal operations are reinstated, if a permit holder retains a professional engineer or architect to conduct inspections. Inspections will not be resumed by the Department, if a private provider takes over inspections.

Any permit holder (contractor or owner builder) who requires a 21-day elevation certificate and final elevation certificate, contact Karl Bursa at for upper keys or Mary Wingate at for lower keys.

If you are interested in having your existing job sites inspected under these three alternatives, while the County inspections are closed, please contact Elba Ramirez at 

  • (305) 295-3993
  • upperkeysinspections@MonroeCounty-FL.Gov
  • lowerkeysinspections@MonroeCounty-FL.Gov

Planning and Environmental Resources Biological  Inspections

The Planning & Environmental Resources Department inspections may not be conducted by an Engineer, Architect or Private Provider. County staff will make every attempt possible to provide inspection services as staff resources are available for issued active permits. Work on an active permit may NOT proceed if a Pre-Clearing Inspection (850) is required as identified on your permit conditions and issued permit card, and was not completed by a County Biologist prior to the closure of the County offices. This effort for ongoing inspections under COVID-19 is to provide a way for jobs already started to proceed. If a job hasn’t started it is on hold.

Other BIOLOGICAL and PLANNING inspections can be requested by email. Please send all requests (both Biological and Planning) to Please indicate the Building Permit Number and the type of inspection(s) requested:

  • 863 Erosion/Sediment Control
  • 864 Pre Storm Bury
  • 865 Final Stormwater
  • 893 Final Landscaping
  • 894 Final Biological
  • 895 Final Planning

The Planning Director will determine if inspections can be provided on a case by case basis. We will do our best to complete inspections as staff resources are available.

Flood Inspections

The Flood Department inspections may not be conducted by an Engineer, Architect or Private Provider. County staff will make every attempt possible to provide inspection services as staff resources are available for issued active permits.Please email Karl Bursa at for Upper Keys or Mary Wingate at for Lower Keys.

Applying for a Permit

Prior to commencing construction, the contractor, owner, or builder must first apply to obtain a permit. Obtaining a permit may require the interaction and approval of several agencies outside of the Building Department; with small exception, each of these agencies charges fees for their review procedures. The Building Department works to coordinate the involvement of other agencies in the permitting process to obtain a building permit in the most expedient manner while maintaining the county’s high level of quality. This service is not a substitute for a customer’s responsibility to interact with all participating agencies.

Permitting Offices

Marathon Government Center
2798 Overseas Highway, Suite 330
Marathon, FL 33050

Key Largo:
Murray Nelson Government & Cultural Center
102050 Overseas Highway
Key Largo, FL 33037

Ocean Reef:
11601 CR 905
Key Largo, FL 33037

Stock Island:
5503 College Road, Suite 204
Key West, FL 33040

Public Web Access to Permit Information

The Building department provides the public with an application, MCeSearch, that allows the public to view general information on valid Permits, Contractor and Code Compliance cases entered into our database.

Permitting Process for Construction of Sewer Tie-In (One SF Residency) and/or Associated Electric

Please refer to the Monroe County Building Department permitting procedures document for directions on obtaining permits. Additionally, refer to the Florida Department of Health, Environmental Health, Onsite Sewage Programs webpage for direction on obtaining DOH permits.

"Public" (Commercial) Swimming Pools

There is a process in the State of Florida for the construction of “public” (commercial)swimming pools. Click Here to take a look at the process. Please refer to the Florida Department of Health Website for further details and application.

Additional Agencies

The other agencies that are tracked by the computerized network of the Building Department and are most commonly involved in the permit process include, but are not limited to:

Depending upon the location and use of the proposed improvement, the following agencies may also be involved in the processing of a permit:

Design Reviews

Design reviews may be secured prior to a permit application. Applicants may apply to many of the outside agencies independently prior to applying for a building permit and are strongly advised to do so, when applicable. Not all agencies are required by statute to adhere to strict processing timelines in a manner similar to the Building Department.