Hurricane Irma Recovery

It's been seven months since Hurricane Irma struck the Florida Keys on Sept. 10, 2017. Some of our residents and business owners are still struggling to recover. 

A Long Term Recovery Group has been working for months to help. And, there are other resources available. See the list below. 



There has been some confusion that the June 1, 2018 date, the start of hurricane season, was a hard deadline for FEMA temporary travel trailers to be removed from the Keys. FEMA says this date is only a "goal."

Here is an update on this issue from the FLORIDA DIVISION OF EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT:

"FEMA’s individuals and households (IHP) program is a month to month program that runs up to 18 months from the date of disaster declaration (9/10/2017). 

Therefore, in the absence of a donation program (at this time there is no donation program agreed upon by the State), the guidance for the IHP program is in force. 

Those survivors that meet the recertification requirements (those who can demonstrate that they are actively working towards their permanent housing plan) for housing assistance may remain in travel trailers beyond the 1 June date."

As of March 9, there were about 195 households living in FEMA temporary trailers in the Keys. Twenty other households have moved out of the FEMA travel trailers after securing other housing.


Monroe County Emergency Management led a 16-person Reentry Program Core Task Force that examined the current reentry program following mandatory evacuations in Monroe County for Hurricane Irma.