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For our July 2021 newsletter, we featured an article written by Shelly Krueger, Sea Grant Agent.  Seahorses.seahorse 1

"Seahorses are in the Animal Kingdom and in the phylum Chordata, which means they have backbones.  They are teleosts – which means they are in fact fish!  Seahorses and all of their related cousins are in the family Syngnathidae, named because they have fused jaws and no teeth.  All seahorses are in the genus Hippocampus.  Hippocampus comes from the Greek for horse and sea monster.  In fact, sailors used to get tattoos of seahorses because they thought it would help protect them from drowning."  

 To read the article, and find events and programs of the Extension Service, check out the July 2021 Newsletter!

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