Reentry Program Core Task Force

Hurricane Re-Entry Workshop-1 LR

Monroe County Emergency Management is leading a task force that is examining the current reentry program following mandatory evacuations in Monroe County for Hurricane Irma. 

The Task Force also is working on recommendations to improve the system in time for the next hurricane season that begins June 1, 2018.


Friday, March 16 at the Marathon Government Center, Second Floor BOCC Room, 2798 Overseas Highway, Marathon. The task force meetings are open to the public. Details.



Charge Statements: 

1) To determine if the current Reentry Procedure can be improved.

AND (only if the response to #1 is affirmative)

2) To create a recommendation for essential elements of an improved Reentry Procedure.

3) To recommend a timeline/process for implementation of new Reentry Procedure


The Core Task Force will make a recommendation to the Monroe County Emergency Manager and the County Administrator with regard to each of the above charge statements (1 or 1, 2 & 3). Any additional action will be at the sole discretion of the Monroe County Emergency Manager and County Administrator.


Coordinate and provide initial information to the Core Task Force through email coordination – Deadline February 15, 2018.

Hold a series of publicly noticed Task Force meetings complete the task force charge. 

Meetings will focus on:

  • identifying the primary concerns with the current Reentry Procedure,
  • soliciting feedback from various stakeholders invited to attend,
  • incorporating feedback from the public, and
  • utilizing realistic solutions to create a viable Reentry Procedure

Reentry Procedure Proposal will be presented to Emergency Management and County Administration for review. Deadline: third week of April 20, 2018.

If approved by Emergency Management and County Administrator and at their discretion, a new Reentry Procedure could be presented to the BOCC at the May meeting for approval and implementation in the 2018 Hurricane Season.