Secure a Mobile Home, Travel Trailer, or RV

Hurricane Emergencies

Mobile homes are particularly vulnerable to hurricane force winds. In a hurricane emergency, they can pose a dangerous threat to both their occupants and others around them. Owners or occupants of these facilities should observe the following procedures during hurricane season (June 1 through November 30):

  • Residents who plan on being gone from the area should do the following before leaving:
    • Check tie-downs
    • Put up storm shutters
    • Shut off water, electric, and LP gas
    • Lower any TV masts, antennas, or towers
    • Take all valuables with you
    • Notify manager that you will not be in the area during Hurricane season
  • If residents are aware that a neighbor is leaving and he does not properly secure his property, it is recommended that he is made aware of his obligations to himself and the liability to his neighbors. Unsecured property may result in damage to neighbors or their property.
  • Residents remaining in the area during hurricane season should be aware that all persons living in a mobile home or RV will be ordered to evacuate whenever a hurricane threatens their area.
  • All RVs will be ordered to evacuate the county to the mainland for all hurricanes.
Damaged Live-a-Board Boats

Attention: Mobile Home Occupants

All mobile homes should be tied down at all times that they are located in Monroe County except those models in sales yards which shall be required to be tied down from June 1 to November 30 in any calendar year or at any other time an official hurricane watch is declared.

Damage after Hurricane Wilma