Emergency Medical Service (EMS)

Monroe County Fire Rescue (MCFR) provides quality Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to the unincorporated areas of Monroe County from Tavernier to Stock Island and Key West International Airport with dual-certified Firefighter/EMTs and Firefighter/Paramedics. If you reside or receive services within these areas, you will be served by MCFR’s state-certified firefighters, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), and Paramedics. MCFR provides emergency fire response, advanced-level emergency medical services, and ground and air-based emergency medical transport.

EMS Billing & Collection

Call 305-289-6010.

Hospital Transfers

You are not forced to go to the hospital because you called 911. It is often strongly recommended that you go to the hospital, but if you are awake, alert, and oriented you have the right to choose whether or not you will be transported via ambulance. If you choose to refuse transport to the hospital, you will be asked to sign a Patient Refusal Form by the paramedics to document your decision to refuse medical care.

Medical Reports

Medical reports generated by MCFR are protected by federal HIPAA privacy laws. If you require a copy of a Medical Transport Report, Incident Report, or Billing Statement, contact 305-289-6010 with your name, the location, and the date of the incident. For a copy of your transportation report, you must complete a Medical Records Request and Release Affidavit (PDF)

This can be done in person at Monroe County Fire Rescue Headquarters in Marathon but must be accompanied by a Driver’s License or other identification. You can also download the form (PDF) and mail it or fax it to us with notarized proof of identification to:

490 63rd Street Ocean
Marathon, Florida 33050
Fax: 305-289-6013

A signed affidavit showing that you are the personal representative of the patient or a power of attorney is needed if you are not the patient. There are no charges for records requests.