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Less Than Fee Application

    Please provide your contact information below.
  3. Primary Lot Address

    Please provide the address of the Primary Lot (residential home).  Please provide the Parcel ID Number (RE #) if you have that information.

  4. Secondary Lot Address

    The Secondary Lot is the lot from which you propose to sell the residential development right that is adjacent to the lot with your home. Please provide as much information you have regarding the street address, legal description and Parcel ID Number (RE #) of the Secondary Lot adjacent to the residential home entered above.  If you propose to include additional Secondary Lots, please provide that information in question No. 10 at the end of this form.

  5. 1. Are you the sole owner of the Secondary Lot?*

    Select only one.

  6. 3. Have you sold the development rights or entered into any agreements regarding the development rights for the Secondary Lot?*
  7. 5. Are you aware of any outstanding code violations on the Secondary Lot?*

    Select only one.

  8. 6. Are you aware of any open permits on the Secondary Lot?*

    Select only one.

  9. 7. To your knowledge, is your home or the Secondary Lot subject to any leases, mortgages, liens or other encumbrances?

    Please check all that apply.

  10. Home*
  11. Adjacent Vacant Lot*
  12. 8. If you checked anything other than "None" for your home or Secondary Lot in question No. 7, please provide each party's name, address, email address, phone and the type of encumbrance.
  13. 9. If you choose to have an attorney, realtor or agent representing you in this matter, please provide their name and contact information.
  14. Please use this space to indicate if you are proposing more than one Secondary Lot, and include the address, legal description and Parcel ID Number (RE #) for additional Secondary Lots.


    I ACKNOWLEDGE the County's offer price for the residential building right on the Secondary Lot will be the Monroe County Property Appraiser's Market Land Value (MLV), up to $99,999, that is in effect at the time I enter into a purchase agreement with the County.  


    I CERTIFY that the statements on this form are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that if I withhold, misrepresent or falsify information on this form, I am subject to the penalties for inaccurate or false statements and/or denial or revocation of this application and any participation in this program.

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