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Post Hurricane Irma Business Recovery Survey

  1. Monroe County, in partnership with the Chambers of Commerce in Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon, and the Lower Keys, welcomes all business owners/operators to complete this Post Hurricane Irma business survey. The purpose of this survey is to determine how the business community is recovering from the impacts of Hurricane Irma and identify actions can be taken to continue to support economic redevelopment. This survey will also help to determine the need for any financial programs to help businesses in their long-term recovery from Irma. The survey has 23 questions and should take approximately 15 minutes to complete.
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  6. 1. Mark all Business Location(s).
  7. 2. Indicate the type of business you own or operate.
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  8. 8. How long did it take your business to repair/restore the following issues after Hurricane Irma?
    Mark one response for each item
  9. 10. How long did the following situations significantly impact your business operation?
    Mark one response for each of the items
  10. 11. What type of insurance did your business have prior to Hurricane Irma (September 10, 2017).
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  11. 13. Please indicate the amount of assistance you have received to help your business recover.
    Mark one response for each item
  12. 17: How did Hurricane Irma impact the following:
  13. 18. What are the most significant challenges your business continues to face as a result of Hurricane Irma?
    Mark all responses that apply
  14. 19. Indicate what type of assistance is needed to fully recover your business:
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