Twin Lakes

A flooded street with a Crane Street side and houses in the background down the street

The Twin Lakes subdivision SLR Roadway and Drainage Pilot Project will construct a “pump and treat” stormwater drainage system and elevate roads to a target elevation of 13 inches NAVD 88. The system includes drainage structures, a pollution treatment device, an elevated pump station with a backup emergency generator, pumps, piping, electrical controls, instrumentation, and injection well(s) for the final disposal of treated stormwater.

The design of the drainage infrastructure and pump station equipment requires the installation of three-phase electrical power to the County-owned right of way on Lake Street, Shaw Drive, and Crane Street which will house the pump station. This electrical power will be provided by Florida Keys Electric Cooperative and will commence in late 2022.

The County is waiting for FDEP Resilient Florida grant funding in order to proceed with the project, which is anticipated to be received in fall 2022.