Strategic Planning

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The Strategic Plan guides the scope and direction of County services based on priorities established by the Board of County Commissioners - after extensive input from the public.

The plan enables all County divisions and departments to focus their actions, resources and budgets on goals and projects that support the County’s grand vision of its desired future.

Monroe County Strategic Plan 2020

Monroe County is beginning our final run at the creation of our 2020 Strategic Plan. We began gathering feedback through surveys nearly 18 months ago and the County Administrator conducted an outreach tour of the County to discuss the future and hear community feedback. Then Irma happened…. 

As we regain our footing, we are touching base once again with the community to update the feedback as we know time has passed and, for many, Irma has shifted priorities and needs. 

Short Online Survey

One way we want to hear from you is via a short online survey. Click below to take it. The deadline to take the survey is Oct. 31, 2018.

The raw feedback will be provided to the County's Senior Management Team and to the County Commissioners for use as they determine the strategic priorities of the County for the next 3-5 years.

Schedule an Interactive Presentation 

Kimberly Matthews, the County's Sr. Director of Strategic Planning, is meeting with community groups and organizations to hear their thoughts and priorities so that we can incorporate them into our vision for the future of Monroe County. 

Her approximately 30-minute interactive presentation utilizes software that allows up to 100 participants to provide anonymous feedback, rank priorities and vote on county issues via their smart devices or laptop.

To schedule a presentation with Kimberly, email her at or call 305-292-4540.

We hope to complete this phase of our process by October 31, 2018. Please contact us if there would be an event or time between now and Oct 31 that your group or organization would like to schedule an interactive presentation.

Monroe County's Current Strategic Plan: 2013-2018